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To Moscow:

Transport price comparison table

  10-13days 16-25days 30-45days
A (Clothing&Shoes) 250 USD/cubic meter + 1.8 USD /kg tariff 200 USD/cubic meter + 1.8 USD /kg tariff 170 USD/cubic meter + 1.6 USD /kg tariff
B (Other knitted products) 250 USD/cubic meter + 1.6 USD /kg tariff 200 USD/cubic meter + 1.6 USD /kg tariff 170 USD/cubic meter + 1.2 USD /kg tariff

C (Others)

250 USD/cubic meter + 1.4 USD /kg tariff 200 USD/cubic meter + 1.4 USD /kg tariff 170 USD/cubic meter + 1.0 USD /kg tariff




To Azerbaijan:


The volume of the trucks is 120 m3, and the weight capacity is 27 tons. The cost of transportation is calculated based on the volume of the cargo. The weight per 1m3 is 225 kg. If the weight of the cargo exceeds the volume, the amount is calculated based on the weight.

Our tariff is as follows:

 By truck (Kazakhstan)

Cargo volume (in m3)

Price (1m3)

up to 2m3


more than 2m3


*If the cargo volume is less than 1 m3, the cargo is calculated as 1 m3.

**Battery, cigarette lighter, electronic cigarette, etc. excluding the transportation of dangerous goods. (transportation of dangerous goods is calculated as 1m3-500$.)

• We provide delivery in 12-15 days in case of full truck (FTL full car).

• In the case of groupage (LTL), we deliver your cargo in 20-25 days.



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