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Who am I

1.Uraaamarket is a wholesale website for small and medium-sized merchants.

2.Uraaamarket mainly serves customers in Russia and the nearest countries.

3.Uraaamarket provides efficient product sourcing, logistics and financial services.

4.Uraaamarket has a resident professional selection team in Yiwu and Guangzhou, which can select millions of high quality products.


Uraaamarket is a B2B wholesale website aimed at small and medium-sized merchants who need a variety of products and a small number of purchases. Because Uraaamarket checks the quality of the products during the transaction, the risk of misalignment and poor quality of the products is greatly reduced.

Uraaamarket mainly serves customers in Russia and the nearest countries, so Russian will be used as the main language of the website, even users who do not understand Chinese can easily complete overseas shopping. As long as you enter the name of the commodity in Russian or search in the category table, you can easily find the goods you want, and our one-to-one professional customer service can support the whole process services conducted in Russian, to help users easily buy online procurement.

Uraaamarket has a complete range of products and categories, which covers many niche products in high demand to make up for the lack of overseas markets. Our professional selection team is based in Yiwu and Guangzhou, China, where more than 5 million products are available.

Our order system, instant messaging tools, intelligent inventory management system,  logistics tracking system, fund settlement system and other powerful IT  support, even if overseas can easily handle complex procurement business.

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