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Why choose us

Professional and efficient selection ability

Uraaamarket covers the source of goods in Guangzhou and Yiwu, covering millions of kinds of goods. Our professional purchasing team is based in both places to investigate manufacturers, investigate products, determined to select the most cost-effective products for customers.


Strong and stable logistics capability

Due to various force majeure and emergencies, there may be a large number of unstable factors in cross-border procurement. Uraaamarket has more than 15 years of experience in Chinese and Russian procurement, transportation, customs clearance and other logistics processes, enabling door-to-door service. Our professional cross-border logistics services can help merchants shorten logistics time, reduce logistics costs, and realize the customization of logistics services.


Safe and secure financial capability

To solve the problem of payment currency, it can support settlement of roubles, US dollars and RMB, saving the trouble of currency conversion by yourselves.


One-on-one Russian customer service assistance

The whole procurement process matches the exclusive customer service for one-to-one service, and the response speed is fast. We can help customers answer almost all kinds of questions from the consultation. Avoid the problem of full and low efficiency of cross-border procurement communication.

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